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          Additional Educational Options We Offer

                                                                                     Wednesday/Friday Classes

  • Study Hall                    $3/Hr
  • Teen Topics for Girls    FREE
  • HS Fine Arts                $80/Month
  • Spanish II                    $60/Month
  • German I & II               $60/Month

  • Study Hall                    $3/Hr
  • Spanish I                     $60/Month
  • French I                      $60/Month
  • Music Lessons            $22/half hr DOW families
                                        $25/half hr Non-DOW families
9:00-11:00 or 9:00-Noon
 Study Hall                       Grades 2-12
 Teen Topics for Girls         Grades 7-12
 Spanish I, German I & II*  Grades 7-12
 Intro to Cartooning            Grades 4-8
 Fine Arts*                       Grades 7-12
9:00-11:00 or 9:00-Noon
 Study Hall                   Grades 2-12
 Spanish I*                   Grades 6-12
 French I*                    Grades 6-12
Art with Mindy               Grades 4-8 
 Musical Theatre            Grades 3-8
 Appt Only
 Music Lessons

* These classes can be taken for high school credit starting in 7th grade.

French I & Spanish I, II
Maria Antunez

Grades 6-12
I am a citizen of the world who treasures and celebrates the uniqueness of the many cultures. I also honor what unites us, what we have in common. I want for my students to learn enough vocabulary and grammar structure which would enable them to communicate in the target languages.  I wish for my students to be able to use the target languages in various everyday life scenarios such as: the doctor's office, the grocery store, a party, etc...
Simultaneously, I intend to promote the reflection upon their own values and culture. I will provide readings which will reflect cultural elements of Spanish speaking and French speaking countries. The theme of immigrants' presence and contributions to our nation would also be brought up for discussion, thus encouraging tolerance and acceptance of those who may be different from us.  
Finally, I will do my best to make the learning process fun through immersion (which I will present carefully) and the use of various resources such as: videos, language games, movies, food, etc....

Fine Arts and Intro to Cartooning
Duff Orlemann

Intro to Cartooning
Grades 4-8
Hello! This is an introductory course that will introduce students to the art of cartooning we will start with a brief history and teach students various applications and types of cartooning as a form of expression and entertainment to political and commercial uses. These include animation and modern styles of cartooning, like Manga and anime. Students will have hands-on opportunities to draw cartoons, caricatures, and even create their own personalized cartoon characters using a variety of techniques.
At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
*Draw and design simple cartoon characters, including people and animals
*Use a variety of media and tools to design their cartoon characters
*Know the basics of caricature and be able to draw rudimentary caricatures
*Use basic hand lettering techniques
*Use and understand 1 and 2 pt perspective
Supply list will be given

Fine Arts

Grades 7-12

Hello! I will be teaching High School Design Fundamentals Class. I introduce and emphasize key elements and principles of visual design. Those key elements are line, shape, value, texture, color, and space. The 2 key principles will be unity and variety. Students will develop working skills with layout and organization of design elements for a variety of visual effects. The course emphasis will be on design as a means of communication. Students will learn about Gestalt theoretical principles and their relevance to composition and design. Some art history and contemporary trends will be infused within this course to add context and meaning.
Supplies will be needed (list provided soon) as well as a text, Launching the Imagination, which can be purchased (used) on Amazon for $21.00. I hope you will consider joining me in this incredible journey!
Grades 7-12. Class will count as ½ credit for high school students.

Art Class

Mindy Balser

Grades 4-8

Hello! My name is Mindy and I have loved art my entire life! I was always in advanced art classes. My favorite watercolor, I love the softness of it. I believe that when teaching art, the teacher needs to allow the child to explore each medium and find what they love the most. I want my students to really feel and see art, it’s everywhere! Although, I haven’t finished my syllabus for next year, my plans are to explore many artists and their different mediums.

German I & II 

Susanne Wittrock

Grades 5-12

I am offering German Classes Level I and II this coming school year. The Level II class can only be attended if the student had Level I with me, or after I talk to them first to see were their German grade level is at that point.
After attending Level I the student will be able to

visit Germany or Austria and order food, get directions and have a basic conversation with a native speaker.
In Level II we will review Level I and go beyond. The student should be able to go shopping, know how to communicate in an emergency situation, and have an even more in depth conversations. 
I am using two books: The Everything Learning German 2nd Edition and Learn German the Fast and Fun Way. The students do not have to buy these books for the classes.
I was born In Austria and lived there for the first 30 years of my life, so my German is in my blood so to speak. I have enjoyed teaching the class this school year 2016/17 and hope to have even more students come and learn German with me this coming year.

Vielen Dank und Auf Wiedersehen in der DOW Schule.

Teen Topics for Girls
Veronica Day

Grades 7-12
Hi, everyone! This is Cynthia, and I’m excited to offer this class FREE OF CHARGE to teen girls. My daughter developed anxiety and depression in her teens as well as eating issues. In the course of treatment, she learned a lot about the struggles that girls go through today including issues and expectations that are placed upon them by today's society and social media. She wants this group to be a place where teen girls can be open and talk about any struggles they have and, together, they can work on supporting each other.

I am paying Veronica to teach this class so there is no charge to you. However, if you miss more than 3 classes during the year (for any reason) you will need to pay $10/class. This kind of group can only work if everyone attends regularly. I hope you will consider it for your daughter. I wish I had her knowledge when I was a teen.

Ukulele, Harmonica, Banjo, Guitar, or Mandolin
Fridays (first 3 of every month) by appointment only

Ages 5-adult

Taught by- Michael Bachelier. "I have been playing and singing since the age of 12. I have over 25 years of experience and have played in several bands that featured rock, latin, and country music. I presently play in the rock band Kickstart and also teach music lessons at Willis Music in Eastgate."