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                              2017-2018 Tuition


2017 - 2018    TUITION - PER MONTH (M,T,TH)

$260/mo per child - full-day preschool      (9AM-3PM)
$200/mo per child - half-day preschool     (9AM-12PM)


2017 - 2018   TUITION - PER MONTH (M,T,TH)

$240/mo  –  1st child

$230/mo  –  2nd child

$220/mo  –  3rd child

$210/mo   –  4th child

High School 

High school students can take a full day of courses or choose only the ones that are needed. Taking all classes full time (M, T, & TH) will be a savings of $90/month over the individual cost of all of the classes. Individual classes are priced as follows:

2017 - 2018 TUITION - PER MONTH (for standard 3 day week)

  • Language Arts (European/Asian literature) – 4.5 hours per week, $80/mo
  • Chemistry or Physics – 3.75 hours per week - $80/mo
  • Algebra I or Algebra II – 3.75 hours per week - $80/mo
  • World History – 2.5 hours per week - $60/mo
  • Career Development – 1.5 hours per week - $40/mo

*Prices do not include book or lab fees

TOTAL of all classes if taken individually - $340

FULL TIME STUDENTS PAY $260/month for all of those classes!


For the 2017-2018 school year you now have the option of adding your fundraising and cleaning payments into your monthly payment. In addition, we are also offering 12 montly payments, instead of nine.