Days of Wonder School

                    A unique experience in education   


After years of trying to find the best fit for our daughter, we finally found it!  DOW is the best of both worlds:  the flexibility, creativity and parent involvement of homeschool- and the accountability, academic challenge and community of a 'brick & mortar' school.

- Wendy A.

Days of Wonder has been an incredible blessing for our family!  My son has struggled with extreme shyness and anxiety for years....   A few weeks after starting DOW, friends, family, and neighbors began to tell me what a dramatic change they saw in him.  It's been a joy to watch him blossom and gain his newfound confidence.  His very presence in a room is larger.  It's as though we're seeing him become the person he was meant to be, unburdened by insecurities...... I've observed approx. 40 kids (ages 4-15) cooperatively organize themselves into one large playground game without any input from adults.  No one was left out.  It shows how much the kids have internalized the culture and values at the school.  Everyone is a friend at DOW.  Every child is valued...... Days of Wonder has a unique balance of having structure along with the flexibility to meet each individual student's needs.  The love of learning burns brightly here, and that spark catches from one student to another.  Despite academic success, DOW isn't just about academics.  Days of Wonder is about nurturing the whole child.

- Stacey S.

Days of Wonder School is an inspiring place for my child to learn and thrive.  My daughter is so excited to go to school every morning because there are expectations and challenges that motivate her on a daily basis.  I love how she has excelled in her reading and how she loves her math work.  I have the peace of mind that she is learning at her capability and being challenged with new material.  Days of Wonder environment is so easy going and everyone sees each other as a family, I would say the Wonder family.... My 5 year old is counting the days to go and learn with the rest of the Wonder students.  I only have to say that the school is providing an enjoyable and good education to my child, and I am happy to be a part of it.

- Ana Y.

Where do we start about how wonderful Days of Wonder and Mrs. Day have been for our son?  This is our first year, and I have said to friends that she saved us.  This, I mean from the bottom of my heart.  The joy that she is instilling in our son to learn more is amazing to us.  Every day, he smiles more.  Every day, he trusts himself more.  We are watching his self esteem grow, at a time in his life when many kids lose self esteem daily.  Mrs. Day's mission to make learning fun and to let children learn naturally is so reassuring to us.  We are seeing him grow and learn so much with DOW.  He has gone from hating to read to wanting to read.  The more his self esteem grows, the more he wants to learn...... We feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful school!

- Amanda and John C.

We came from 7 years of online school from K-6 grade.  It was a good fit for the time but by the 7th year it had become so test heavy and we were miserable.  I called Mrs. Day on a Wednesday and discovered that our learning philosophy was the same.  We visited the next day and we were enrolled and started on Monday.  What a great fit!  The girls have blossomed and grown in many ways.  They wish the school was open 5 days.  So thankful for this type of homeschool program.

- Tammy A.

DOW has been such a wonderful experience for our son!  We have a child who is very extroverted and needs to be around people, especially peers.  The average homeschool coop was not the answer for our family.  After doing some research online we stumbled across the DOW school and knew it would be the answer for our family.  We live quite a distance away from the school and it was a big commitment for us given the commute time.  The driving has been long and tedious at times but the school is so worth it!  Our child is in the first grade and has learned so much this year from his teacher.  The way she teaches fits his learning style so well that he has grown by leaps and bounds this year.  He has picked up, retained and gone beyond what I would have thought!  At the end of each school day he gets in the car excited to share with me the things he learned or experienced that day.  It has made such a difference in him and I'm so thankful we found DOW!

- Glen and Rebecca H.

The DOW school has been an incredible blessing for our children.  They are thriving in an environment where they are exploring and learning daily.  The multi-age/learn-where-you-are approach works great for my children.  There is no fear of testing.  They complete their assignments with mastery and do not have to worry about getting a bad grade.  Bullying is NOT tolerated, students respect one another.  It's a beautiful thing to watch a recess where children of all ages are playing together and helping one another.

- Tiffany B.

Mrs. Day's experiences in the classroom and as a homeschool mom have given her exceptional insight into the needs of students, and the ways in which they can be encouraged to become lifelong learners.  I've seen the results first-hand with our son (16) and daughter (5).  Our kids are excited about going to school.  Our son is funny, eccentric, and brilliant and he's free to be who he is at school, with fellow students who are equally interesting with no pressure to conform to somebody else's idea of what's "cool".  Our daughter is reading and doing basic math, including simple multiplication.  At the Days of Wonder school, in an environment of acceptance and encouragement, our kids are learning at an astonishing rate and they seem to enjoy doing so.  Mrs. Day and the staff of DOW are changing lives for the better.  They are serving our community, opening the door to a brighter future for our kids, and so for us all.

- Harold and Amy H.