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First blog entry ever!!

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Hello, everyone! This is Cynthia Day, founder/director/teacher. This is my first blog entry EVER!!

This week we announced our next school year’s theme: SPACE & WEATHER! The possibilities are endless with these topics! Students are already submitting questions they want to study and teachers are smiling with excitement!

I firmly believe that students should know the location of every country in the world. So, at DOW, we have a 3-year rotation of the continents to meet this goal. This year, we learned the geography of North, Central, and South America. Next year, we will focus on Europe and Asia. Coupling those 2 continents with Space & Weather is a match made in heaven! The early astronomers were from Europe!

In addition, we will also focus on the music and art of these continents as well as science, history, and geography. The possibilities are endless! I just love teaching in a school where all subjects are integrated into the theme. It makes learning much more meaningful.

-- Cynthia

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